Design documentation

We are the only company in Slovakia in this field to offer our clients an option of development of the entire design documentation for fuelling stations. Each project is developed by a team of highly qualified professionals according to the customer’s requirements. The design documentation supplied for the projects of container fuelling stations includes:

  • Architectural design
  • Water management design
  • Fire safety design
  • Development of operating regulations 
  • Development of emergency plan


The cornerstones of our operations are our highly qualified staff, advanced technology, quality materials, and strict quality control. Delivery of a fuel station includes the structural works at the site.

Pressure tests, leak tests

As a matter of course, we perform testing of our fuelling stations, according to the certification:

  • Leak testing – LT/AB GRADE 1
  • Visual tests – VT GRADE 2

Use permit

Thanks to our professional approach we are able to ensure the successful obtaining of the use permit for our projects.

Initial staff training

Proper operation of our pumping stations is ensured through on-site training of operators at the finished fuelling station.

Warranty and post-warranty services

We are fully available to our clients for warranty and post-warranty services. You can contact us on our HOTLINE phone numbers: +421 915 991 778 and +421 917 668 292.

Expert inspection (revision)

Expert inspections of fuelling stations are required by law. Our company offers these services at the time of commissioning as well as throughout the operating life in regular intervals.


Depending on the type of equipment, it is necessary to carry out the calibration of dispensing stands and continuous measurement after a certain time period.