Comprehensive solution for the storage, administration, and dispensing of fuels also for the public. Split double-wall tank and dispensing stands are integrated in a lockable container. The advantage of this design is fast installation (and disassembly, if necessary). It can be used as an unmanned public fuelling station.

Container fuelling station DJD COMBI BNK 2S, for the storage and dispensing of diesel and petrol, built into the container

  • Nominal volume 20,000 L – 30,000 L, double-wall, split (petrol-diesel) tank
  • Signalling and indication of an inner tank leak
  • 2x continuous measurement GOK SM3 Exx
  • Ventilation, underpressure and overpressure flame arrestors
  • Catch area capable of catching the prescribed quantity of fuel
  • 5 – 12.5 m long lockable steel container
  • Container dimensions: 2440 x 2590 x 12500, 2440 x 2590 x 9500
  • with fuelling pump 3M 50/125/4 with a capacity of 1,000 l/min

Fittings for loss-free fuelling